FISTC Sprint World Championship 2011 - Donovaly (SK)

11 – 13 february 2011

11th of February 2011 – Day ONE

Yesterday at the Delegates Meeting we were happy to inform that the 10th WC Sprint in Donovaly would take place as earlier informed on our Website.
This was in direst contradiction to what some Mushers have spread around, and of course were happy being able to open this big Event.
Thanks to our Organizers and their helpers they created a good Trail form what seemed to be impossible. W can be very thankful to the Donly Klub for this, and we cannot thank them enough.
The Mushers and especially the Skiers had some difficulties but almost everyone were happy having done the Trail.

Despite th Weather conditions 140 Teams started today. In SJ2 the first skiers are within 37 sec. With the Italian Christian Geier on the First Place.
SJ1 is led by Jili Krkoska in front of tow Slovaks – Roman Reissteter and Ivan Kasko.
Brigita Albertova (SK) is leading the SJ Women Class.
Two French Mushers – Jean Combazard and Patric Logais are fighting for the first Place in the Class O.
Mateusz Soreovka, the Flying Polish Musher is first in A, C,and D Classes!
Berndt Sauerhoefer is leading the new A2 Class.
Stefan Krkoska is first in B1 Class but closely followed by Andi Birkel.
The French Alain Diffort is leading the B2 Class, Waldemar Stawoweczyk (POL) is first in C2 Class, and Bernd Kirsten in D2 Class.It can be noted that all 2 Classes are led by Greenland Dogs despite a god opposition from Alaskan Malamutes and Samoyeds.
Tonight Temperatures will go below -10 ° C. And the Race will restart at 9.00 in Presence of the Prime Minister of Slovakia and several Ministers.

Resultlist 11.02.2011

12th of February 2011 - DAY 2

How lucky can we be? - FISTC and our mushers!
Yesterday evening it was raining pretty much, but as the sky was cloudy the temperature did not drop as the weather forecast said. Because of this we woke up to snow and wind. The trails were very much better than yesterday which pleased the skiers mostly. In the stakeout area and in the starting / finishing area we had wind that occasionally caused white out, but in a couple of hours the wind reduced its force having blown the clouds away leaving a clear blue sky.

In SJ2 the first 3 are within 19 seconds so everything is opened for the title between Sebastian Astelbauer (A), Christian Geier (A) and Stephan Krkoska (CZ).
In SJ1 Jilji Kroska (CZ) is leading the category in front of Roman Reistetter (SK) and Ivan Vaško (SK).
Brigita Albertova (SK) is leading the SJ Women class.
Today Patrick Logeois (FR) on a faster trail was able to catch Jean Combazard (FR! and is now leading the O class.
Mateuz Zorowka (SK) is still leading the A, C1 and D1 classes and maybe he will be the 1st triple world champion of the FISTC.
Berndt Sauerhofer (D) is the solid leader of the new A2 class.
Stepan Krkoska (CZ) leads the B1 class, closely followed by Andi Birkel (D).
Alain Diffort (FR) is the strong leader of the B2 class with his Greenland dogs.
Waldemar Stawowczyk (PL) and his Greenland dogs are leading the C2 class and Bernd Kirstein (D) leads the D2 class.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

Kind Regards from
The Board

Resultlist 12.02.2011

13th of February 2011 - DAY 3

Lower degrees today and sunny weather made this Championship a great success. The trails were during the night again groomed and repaired to an extent beyond every musher beliefs.
For the working members of the Board it was a great satisfaction to see the happy faces of our musher. It seemed that also the musher were happy, also we avoided accidents today which unfortunately was not the case of yesterday as a Polish musher broke his arm and was hospitalized. By the end of the Races we could notify a great deal of happiness and the Pricing Ceremony carried on and the winners of the World Championship were:
SJ2 Stepan Krkoska (CZ)
SJ1 Jilji Krkoska (CZ)
SJW Brigita Albertova (SK)
O Patrick Logeais (F)
A1 Mateusz Surowka (POL)
A2 Berndt Sauerhofer (D)
B1 Stepan Krkoska (CZ)
B2 Alain Diffort (F)
C1 Mateusz Surowka (POL)
C2 Waldemar Stawoczyk (POL)
D1 Mateusz Surowka (POL)
D2 Bernd Kirstein (D)

Final result list 13.02.2011

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