FISTC Cart European Championships 2010 Reingers (A)

19th - 21st November 2010

19th November 2010 - EC Cart 2010 Day 1

Reingers, Nieder Österreich, a lovely place where the of nature goes along with the friendship of the inhabitants.
This is the place where the FISTC is organizing its 5Th European Chart Championship, the best organization we ever had! With 142 pure bread teams at start it is already a complete success, as it also linked to a perfect organization. The stake out is a model of what it should be; trails are long and though, very well adapted to such an event and all mushers enjoyed their first day of race despite cold and snowy weather, that mainly pleased all dogs!
After the first heat Manfred Komac (A) Ondrey SteJskal (CZ) and Alexandre Rullier (F, junior) are respectively leading the 3 Mid -distance classes O, B and C.
In Sprint, French teams are doing quite well with Michel Laboure leading the A class, Pascal Gerard the B1 class and Thierry Narcy the B2 class. Roman Habasco (CZ) is leading a though C1 class, while three other French, Laaurent Blot, Damien Langlois and Gwenaelle Blot are respectively leading C2, D1 and D2 classes.
In Bikejoring 2 dogs, Filippo Piccinini is first and Roman Reistetter (SK) is leading bike 1 dog. Klare Brzkova (CZ) is first in bike women 1 dog and Jasmine Kain in bike junior. Scooter 2 dogs is leaded by Klaus Baumel (A), scoter 1 by Kirstin Nitsch (D) and scooter 1 dog 2 by Romuald Schonfeld (D). Rubi Thorsten Nitsch leads the scooter junior class.
Marcel matanin (SK) is 1st in Canicross 2 dogs, Alexander Krenn (A) in canicross 1 dog and Gregory Coffre (F) in canicross Junior.
However the competion in most of these classes is really hard with very small gaps between the first teams, like in D2 where the difference between the first and second team is only 6 seconds!
Everything remains open for the next two days of this fantastic race! Exiting!!!


First day result list

20th November 2010 -
EC Cart 2010 Day 2

Today the weather has been more pleasant, no rain and no snow , but low temperatures between -1º and 3º C were excellent for the dogs.
Competition is tough but but with total fair-play, there have been no protests and the whole race was extremely satisfying.
In Middle distance O Manfred Komac (A) has now increased his advantage to the second to 18 minutes. In MD B, Ondrey Stejskal, a flying czech musher has now 15 min. advance to the second. In MD C, the French junior, Alexander Rullier has just 21" advance to the second, the Czech Vladimir Vrastil.
In Sprint French musher are still leading the big classes with Michel Laboure, Pascal Gerard and Thierry Narcy still respectevely first in the A, B1 and B2 classes.
In C1 the first three, Alex Serdjukov (A), Jana Zemcakova (SK) and Roman Habasco (CZ) are within 13 seconds with two others teams close behind. Competition tomorrow will be though. Laurent Blot and his greenland dog are leading the C2 class, while Damien Langlois (F) could keep his first place in D1 in front of Alex Serdjukov. In D2, Harry Braeckmans (B) passed Gwenaelle Blot (F) butr the difference in time is small. Bike joring 2 dogs is still dominated by two Italiansm Filippo Piccinini and Nicola Benetel. In Bike joring man 1 dog Ivan Vasko (SK) today passed his friend Roman Reistetter (SK) but the time difference is only 5". the third is Matjaz Ovsenek (SLO). Bike joring 1 dog woman is led by Klara Brzkova (SK) while Jasmine Kain leads the junior class. Scooter 2 dogs is led by Klaus Baumel (A), the 1 dog class 1 by Jiri Valko (CZ) and the 1 dog class 2 by Romuald Schönfeld (A), while in scooter junior class the French Alexander Santens is first. Canicross 2 dogs is dominated by Marcel Matanin (SK), while in canicross 1 dog nothing is decided between the first four led by Alexander Krenn (A).
The youngest musher, Kerstin Prohaska is leading the canicross Junior class.
Many enthusiastic spectators were present today to support all these exceptional teams and their beautiful dogs.
Tomorrow will be a decisive day in many classes.

Second day result list

21st November 2010 -
EC Cart 2010 Day 3

Reingers, day 3

Now they are champions!
Weather was cloudy, windy and cold but all dogs were happy... The race was tough and the best mushers are on the podium with some exceptions like Jan Pedersen (DK) who broke his cart after 1,5 Km. While he was 2nd.
In MD O the European Champion 2010 is Manfred Komac (A). The Flying Czech Ondrey Stejskal wins the title in MD B and in MD C the title goes to the young Frenchman Alexandre Rullier (Junior).
In Sprint categories, France gets the gold medals in A, B1 and B2 with respectively Michel Laboure, Pascal Gerard and Thierry Narcy winning the titles.
Alexander Serdjukov (A) is European championship in C1,while Laurent Blot (F) gets the title in C2 and Damien Langlois (F) in D1. Harry Braeckmans (B) wins the title in D2 with his beautiful Malamutes. Two Italians , Filippo Piccinini and Nicola Benetel took the first two place in bikejoring 2 dogs , while Slovaks took the first two place in bikejoring men 1 dog with Roman Reistetter beating his friend Ivan Vasko.
In bikejoring women 1 dog the title went to Klara Brzkova (CZ) despite the excellent third heat of Graziella Beltrame (I) who caught the young czech on the very finish line. In bikejoring junior the podium is totally Austrian, the yong Daniel Pucher getting the title.
Klaus Baumel (A) is European Champion in scooter 2 dogs, Jiri Valko (CZ) in scooter 1 class1 and Romuald Schonfeld in scooter 1 class 2. The class scooter junior is won by Alexandre Sautens (F).
Marcel Matanin Konecny (SK) is a fantastic champion in canicross 2 dogs as is Alexander Krenn (A) in Canicross 1 dog with his Samoyed.
Finally in canicross Junior, the yongest partecipant of these championship, Kirsten Prohaska (A), 11 years old is European Champion.
Now we will say good bye Reingers and thank you for the perfect organization of those Campionship and we will turn to the snow racing season and the organisation of the World Championship Sprint in Donovaly (SK).

Kerstin Prohaska finish fistc

Third day result list

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