FISTC Sprint World Championship 2009 - Werfenweng (A)


12th to 15th of February


After the great success of spectators during the World Championship in Werfenweng we received from our friend Franz Stadolka a press review..... here

Sunday the 15th of February

On saturday night the snow keep falling, but Sunday morning finally the sun was shining with minus 7 c. The perfect condition for the race. The trail was perfect and all musher improved their time.
Price giving ceremony took place at 4,30 and the President of the FISTC , Mr. Franco Mannato, thanked the Mayor of the City of Werfenweng, Mr. Peter Brandauer, and all his staff for the great job done. A special medal has been given to the Race Marshall Franz Stadolka who has decided to give up sleddoging after many good years in our sport, where he has also been an important person in the Board of the FISTC..

The final results here

The Nation Cup here


Saturday the 14th of February

During Friday night we had much snow. Actually 30 cm in the lower part and 40 cm on the top. Normally this is positive, butas the snow came late in the night, it made things a bit difficult. Due to security it was decided not to use the Open trail and let this class do the A trail because of risk of avalanges. The rest of the trail were ok and safe, but of corse a bit soft.
The snow kept falling all day and influenced on the number of spectators, it was difficult to make it up here. The City of Werfenweng had arranged for Shuttle Busses, and this helped a lot. At the end of the day we were happy having had only success and best of all good behavior of our musher, This means another day without protest, and also dogs in absolute fine shape.
The traditional Musher Evening with live music and dancing went well. The major of the City of Werfenweng Mr. Peter Brandauer made a speach thanking the FISTC and its musher for coming and every mushe was given a gift as a memory of this beatiful race.
The weather forecast is looking fine so we are looking forward to another good day.

The list of results after 2nd day

Friday the 12nd of February

After the first day of the WC in Werfenweng

The opening cerimony yesterday evening was something to see. The comunity of Werfenweng has done a fantastic job and prepared everything to the smallest details in a perfect form and the Championship was opened by the Major of the city, Major Peter Brandauer and highranking politishers. The musher were presented per country by entering with torches and the opening cerimony closed with spectacular fireworks.
On the first day of race we had shifting periods of snow ad a little bit of sun. The trail itself is pretty hard crossing a mountain side and many musher said it was quite hard to do the trail, but everyone were happy and we are looking forward to a great race tomorrow.

The list of results after 1st day



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