FISTC Sprint European Championship 2012 - Tarvisio/Fusine (I)

10 - 12 February 2012

DAY 3 - Sunday 12 february

This third day of the European Championships sprint was again cold, windy and snowy.
However, with more snow and a very good trail we could see a beautiful race.
Due to the snow all trails were slower than in previous days.
In Pulka Roman Reistetter (Slk) gets a new European Champion title, while Klaus Baümel (A) ended his very last sled dog race at the second place.
In Skijoring two dogs, Matjaz Ovsenek (Slo) gets his first title in this category, and the first title for Slovenia in FISTC history. Second is a nice Italian lady, Alessandra Lupezza and third the unlucky Slovak Marcel Matanin, who lost his dogs on the first day but then was the fastest on days 2 and 3.
Skijoring 1dog/1 was dominated by Slovak skiers with Igor Stefan becoming European Champion, Jan Mlynar second and Patrik Lucansky third.
Skijoring 1dog/2 was an Austrian story Manuel Haslacher becoming European Champion, with Romuald Schönfeld second and Sepp Brugger third.
Skijoring 1dog Women was dominated by German ladies and her Alaskan Malamutes, with Vicki Würfl becoming European Champion followed by Simone Nolte and Marina Gröschl.
In O class, Jean Combazard (F), just back from the “Grande Odissée” is European Champion and second we have Matteo Bartolini (I).
In A classs, Jurgen Stolz (D) is not only European Champion but also the fastest team on the trail ! Vice European Champion is Karl Rachbauer (A) very close to the first.
In B1 class the title of European Champion went to Massimo Martini (I) closely followed by Carel Van de Mortel (NL).
In B2, Giorgio Pirini (I) wins the title closely followed by Bernd Sauerhöfer (D) who, despite his best performance in days 2 and 3, could not catch the time lost on the first day.
In C1, Alexander Serdjukov (A) wins the title as he has been the fastest on each of the three days. Second and vice European Champion is Roberto Mattasoglio (I).
In C2, the French Laurent Blot is European Champion and vice European Champion we find Martin Zapletal (CZ) bith teams with Greenland dogs. Third place goes to Harry Braeckmans with four Malamutes. We should note in this category the problems encountered by the French Anthony Coffre whose dogs started fighting between themselves and the perfect behaviour of Ron de Ruiter who could stop and help him, he is a musher with great fair play.
Rhe D1 class was dominated by Christoph Rotter (A) European Champion, followed by Graziella Beltrame (I) and the third place was won by a very young junior, Marc Wiatowski (D). As such Marc Wiatowski is the 2012 FISTC European Champion junior, second junior and vice European Champion is the young and excellent musher coming from Russia, Alexey Tarazanov, third junior is Valentina Bottega (I), followed by another four junior mushers.
Finally, in the D2 class the title was won by Bernd Kirstein (D) and his two Greenland dogs and second is Sepp Brugger (A) with his Malamutes.

This is the end of the Championships sprint 2012, now we move to Gryon in Switzerland for the Championships MD/LT.

Next year the sprint championships will again take place in Italy, but on the other side of the country, close to the French border, and organised by the other Italian club CIS (the club that organised Auronzo).

Final result list of race


DAY 2 - Saturday 11 february

After a very windy and snowy night the second heat took place today. Trails have been well prepared during the night and the trail marking - that has been redone - was perfect.
The vet. team, with three very experienced and specialised vets (including a Norvegian just arrived from the Femundlopet in Sweden) has impressed all participants. We had five vets in total on the Site!
All trails were in better conditions than yesterday but a lit bit slower because of the new snow.
In most categories it is impossible to figure out who will win tomorrow.
For the moment, after the second day, here are the first:

Roman Reistetter
Matjaz Ovsenk
SKJ 1 / 1
Igor Stefan
SKJ 1 / 2

Manuel Haslacker

SKJ Women
Simone Nolte
Jean Combazard
Jurgen Stolz
Nathalie Mannato
Massimo Martini
Giorgio Pirini
Alexander Serdjukov
Laurent Blot
Christoph Rotter
Bernd Kirstein
D1 jr
Marc Wiatowski

Result list of the second day of race

DAY1 - Friday 10 february

After the nice opening ceremony yesterday evening in the center of the city of Tarvisio, the serious things began this morning on the famous trail designed by Ararad Katchikian in Piana di Fusine.
The quite cold (-10° C) but nice weather was good for the dogs.
A special trail had been designed for the skiers, pulka, ski joring 2 and 1 dog and all trails were in good conditions thanks to the work of the organisers. The first team started at 10.00 am.
In Pulka class Roman Reistetter (SLK) is first followed by Klaus Bäumel (A). In Sj 2 dogs, Matjaz Ovsenek (SLO) benefied from the problems encountered by Marcel Matanin (SLK). Three slovaks are also leading the Ski joring 1 dog class with siberian huskies while three Austrians lead SJ1 class 2 with malamutes or Greenlanddogs. In SJ women class the lead is in the hands of three very nice German athletes with alaskan malamutes.
In O class, Jean Combazard (F) returned from the Grande Odissee race is first.
In A1, Jurgen Stolz (D) is leading the class closely followed by Karl Rachbauer (A).
in A2, Nathalie Mannato is first.
The B1 class is lead by Carel Van de Mortel (NL) closely followed by Massimo Martini and Luca Castelletta – both from Italy.
Giorgio Pirini (I) in B2 is faster than Bernd Sauerhofer (A), second.
Alexandr Serdjukov (A) is first in the C1 class. The C2 class is lead by two French teams with greenlanddogs, Laurent Blot preceding Anthony Coffre. Christoph Rotter (A) is first in D1 class followed by a junior - Marc Wiatowsky (D). Another German musher, Bernd Kirstein and his two Greenlanddogs are leading the D2 class.
After a good Work on the trails the the race will restart at 10.00 am tomorrow morning on these fast trails.

Result list of the first day of race

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