FISTC European Championship Sprint 2014 - Auronzo di Cadore (I)

Dear Mushers,

The cataclysmic weather conditions in Auronzo, where singe Friday they got over 4meters fresh snow and it wil continue snowing probably the whole week, lead us to cancel the race this week-end.

First of all most roads are closed and it is extremely difficult and dangerous to try to reach Palus san Marco (Auronzo).

Secondly, the stake-out and trails that were ready and perfect last Wednesday are under the snow and it becomes too difficult to prepare a good race under these conditions.

We are trying to reorganise the race for the 21-22-23 of February.

We apologise for the inconvenience, but  the whole area has been declared yesterday evening under status of Natural Disaster and the Army is trying to help the population. Actually there are also water and electricity problems for the local population. 

The FISTC Board.


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6th / 9th february 2014

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Palus San Marco is in the heart of Dolomiti bellunesi (N46°32’14” - E12°17’52”), in 1118 m altitudes. The place is a part of the Comune di Auronzo di Cadore, from 11 km of Auronzo, 19 km of Cortina d'Ampezzo, and 40 kilometres from the Austrian border. Palus San Marco is easily accessible on the road SR48.
It was the place of the FISTC Sprint European Championship in 2004, the FISTC Sprint World Championship in 2007, and the Italian National Championship in every year.
The FISTC Sprint European Championship 2014 will be held on one of the most beautiful and most skilled trail of Europe.
The total long of the trails is 22 km. Trails are going in the local forests, at the feet of Mount Marmarole, Mount Cristallo, Mount Sorapis and the Three Peaks of Lavaredo.

Cat O 21 km
Cat A 19 km
Cat B1-B2 SJ e Pulka 15,5 km
Cat C1-C2 D1-D2 10 km


Map of the stake-out, and the start-finish area:

map stake out

Map of the Trail (click to enlarge):

trail map

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