FISTC Sprint World Championship 2005 - Donovaly (SK)




The Nation cup: 1. Germany, 2. Slovakia, 3. Czech republic

4. France, 5. Austria, 6. Netherlands, 7. Poland, 8. Italy, 9. Belgium, 10. Hungary, 11. Denmark, 12. Romanie


Photos provided by Thomas Ackermann

Saturday 12th of February, the World Championship continues. It is snowing constantly since early morning. The snow is very fine, therefore a real challange for mushers, dogs and organizers.

Photos provided by Thomas Ackermann

Also today everything is very well organized.The second heat took off at 9 am as planned. Prime minister of Slovakia Mikulaš Dzurinda has accepted the invitation and assisted at the start line. President of Slovakia Ivan Gašparovič and minester of economy Ivan Mikloš have enjoyed the atmosphere of the race so much, they decided to be a part of it today as well.

There was at least 25 thousand people who came to support the mushers and enjoy the race.

Fresh snow has made the trail very soft and much tougher today. It is possible that by tommorow as much as 40 cm of snow will fall on to the trail. The ones winning this race will be really the top mushers.

The results after 2nd heat here

Photos provided by Karl Hans Raubuch


On Thursday, 10th of February the 7th World Championship F.I.S.T.C. 2005 Sprint - Pure breads was officially opened. The Sleddog racing has come to Donovaly. Grand opening brought the history and the flavor of Alaska to Slovakia once again.


The Major of Donovaly Miroslav Daňo, Slovak minister of economy Ivan Mikloš, sponsors and F.I.S.T.C delegates have warmly welcomed all nations participating at this year's race. The organizers have prepared a wonderful show, which brought to us a look at the history of mushing and Slovak folklore.


There are 160 mushers competing and 650 dogs running this year. They are top mushers representing 12 countries. Donovaly has 120cm of snow and the trail is well maintained.

The first heat was at 9 am, Friday the 11th. Thanks to the organizers everything was well prepared and controlled at the Start and Finish. The president of Slovak republic Ivan Gašparovič was a guest of honor and personally assisted at the start line. This left the delegates of F.I.S.T.C. and many others highly impressed. The first day of the World Championship went very smooth. There were no complaints raised so far towards the first heat. Mushers were hugging their dogs and shaking each other's hands passed the finish line. The air was filled with healthy competition, excitement and barking of the dogs.

The race has began at 9am.

The best teams after 1st heat: result list


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09:00-15:00 Arrival of teams

10:00 -16:00 Dogcontrol and Vetcheck

17:00 Meeting of Delegates

19:00 Opening Ceremony


09:00 Start 1. Heat

18:00 Meeting of Delegates


09:00 Start 2. Heat

18:00 Meeting of Delegates


09:00 Start 3. Heat

15:00 Meeting of Delegates

16:00 Pricingceremony

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