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FISTC European Championship 2016

Saint Ulrich am Pillersee


Now are avaible some beautiful pics of the European Championship, thanks to Florian Astelbauer for the pictures.


Pictures of EC Saint Ulrich am Pillersee

FISTC European Championship 2016

Saint Ulrich am Pillersee

Day 3 Sunday 24th January


After the second heat, on Saturday evening we have had a very nice musher evening, with a good dinner and nice music. Many mushers enjoyed it and went on dancing late in the evening.

On Sunday morning, the weather was nice and sunny again. Thanks to the excellent work done by the trail boss, all trails were in perfect conditions and much faster than the day before. The race was again splendid, many changes occurred and finally we have had an excellent European championship.

Let's see the  results in each class.

In Ski-Joering 2 dogs Men, Sebastian Astelbauer was forced to leave one dog at a check point so unfortunately he could no finish the race. The winner, and European Champion, is Igor Stefan (SLK), the second and vice European Champion is Frank Brehm (GER) and the third and Bronze medal, is Marcel Matanin (SLK).

In S-J 2 dogs Women, the French Nathalie Roland made a fantastic race and won the title, as she was closely followed by Susanne Noppe-Haller (GER), vice European Champion, the Austrian Sylvia Perl taking the Bronze medal.

In S-J 1 dog 1, Roman Reistetter (SLK) won the title of European Champion despite the beautiful race done by Jan Neger (SLK) who finishes second and vice European Champion. The Bronze medal went t o Michal Ivanco (SLK) who finished third.

Ski-Joering is indeed a Slovak specialty, and in some cases also a family specialty as in S-J 1 dog Women, Carla Reistetterova won the gold medal and two titles as European Champion and also Junior European Champion. Austrian Elisabeth Smejkal-Hayn got the silver medal at the second place and Loriane Beaud (FRA), took the Bronze medal.

No changes on this third day in S-J 1 dog 2 Men where Klaus Bäumel (AUT) won the title with his Greenland dog, second is Jean-Michel Hoog (FRA) and third Sepp Brugger (AUT). While in the men's class 2 all competitors were racing with Greenland dogs, in the women class the ladies were competing with Alaskan Malamutes. In that class, the European Champion is Helga Obrist (AUT), while vice Champion and Junior Champion we have the young Emma Hoog. At the third place, with the Bronze medal we find Maria Pröll (Aut).    

In O class, Frans Weisscher (NED) is European Champion after a very beautiful race, second is Loris Bottega (ITA) and third Claudio De Ferrari (ITA). In A class the third day was very tough but Karl Rachbauer (AUT) has been able to keep the first place and is European Champion having been 39" faster than Onno De Jong (NED) second and vice European Champion. The Bronze medal was won by Knud Schmolz (DK) on this third heat with only 6" of advance on the fourth.

B1 class has been a Dutch story, won by Carel Vd Mortel (NED) first, the second being Andre Vd Brink (NED) and the third Arie Verschoor (NED). The first non Dutch musher arriving only at the seventh place and Simone De Ferrari becoming European Champion Junior ! In B2, Zbigniew Keczko (CZR) and his six Greenland dogs have won the title and were able to beat Bernd Sauerhöfer who only got the silver medal this year. With the Bronze medal we have Marco Visconti (ITA) with six young Greenland dogs too.

The C1 podium was also a Dutch story with Gudrun Vd Mortel becoming European Champion, Niels Havenaar vice European Champion and Lonneke Bom Bronze medal. An excellent performance for these Dutch teams. The C2 class was also won by a Dutch musher, Ron De Ruiter becoming European Champion, followed by two French mushers, Alain Diffort second and Jean-Michel Hoog third.

In D1, the young Valentina Durio (ITA) made a fantastic third heat and was able to catch the second and the first teams as she started third, so she won the race and the title of European Champion, while Sebastian Astelbauer (AUT) finishes second and vice European Champion and Thomas Reuter (AUT) got the Bronze medal. Helena Gaudagnini (ITA) got the gold medal in Junior class and Linea Pedersen (DK) was vice European Champion Junior.

In D2, while Bernd Kirstein (GER) won the title and the gold medal and Sabine Klein (GER) kept the second place and the silver medal, there has been a hard race for the third place but finally Marc Brocard (FRA) won the bronze medal, being 5" faster than Theo Kentzinger (FRA) who finished fourth but won the Junior title.

The Nations Cup this year was won by Austria !

The pricing ceremony was also perfectly organized by Eddy Nutz and Frans Weisscher and all teams were unanimous about the perfect organisation of these four days.

Now let's hope that we will have some snow for the next races and that we will be able to have our distance championships in Kraliky (SLK) in February. 

Final results list: page 1    page 2   page3 



Results of the Nations Cup 2016

1. AUSTRIA                         59.2    points

2. FRANCE                          46.8        "

3. The NETHERLANDS          45.4        "

4. GERMANY                       36.8        "

5. ITALY                             33.3        "

6. SLOVAKIA                       31.7        "

7. HUNGARY                       17.9        "

8. DENMARK                       10.5        "

9. CZECH REP.                      8.3        " 

10. SLOVENIA                      1.0         "




Ski-Jöring 2 dogs Men : Igor STEFAN  (SLK)

Ski-Jöring 2 dogs Women : Nathalie ROLAND (FRA)

Ski-Jöring 1 dog 1 Men : Roman REISTETTER (SLK)

Ski-Jöring 1 dog 1 Women : Carla REISTETTEROVA (SLK)

Ski-Jöring 1 dog 1 Women Junior : Carla REISTETTEROVA (SLK)

Ski-Jöring 1 dog 2 Men : Klaus BÄUMEL (AUT)

Ski-Jöring 1 dog 2 Women : Helga OBRIST (AUT)

Ski-Jöring 1 dog 2 Women Junior : Emma HOOG (FRA)

O Class : Frans WEISSCHER (NL)

A Class : Karl RACHBAUER (AUT)

B 1 Class : Carel Vd MORTEL (NL)

B 1 Class Junior : Simone De FERRARI (ITA)

B 2 Class : Zbiniew HECZKO (CZR)

C 1 Class : Gudrun Vd MORTEL (NL)

C 2 Class : Ron RUITER (NL)

D 1 Class : Valentina DURIO (ITA)

D 1 Class Junior : Helena GUADAGNINI (ITA)

D 2 Class : Bernd KIRSTEIN (GER)

D 2 Class Junior : Theo KENTZINGER (FRA)

FISTC European Championship 2016

Saint Ulrich am Pillersee

Day 2 Saturday 23rd January


This morning in St Ullrich am Pillersee, when we woke up it was snowing, and it has been snowing all morning long. Temperatures were slightly higher than in previous days, but still cold and the wether was excellent for the dogs.

The trail, still perfectly prepared by Uwe Schott and his team were perfect but slightly slower than yesterday. While I thought they might have been more difficult for Ski-Joerers, in fact it was more technical but they all enjoyed it !


As we have several Ski-Jöring classes, let´s try to see what happened:

In SJ 2 dogs Men, Marcel Matanin (SLK9 the leader yesterday has been passed by three other competitors: Now Igor Stefan (SLK) is the new leader, followed by Sebastian Astelbauer (A) and Frank Brehm (D).

In SJ 2 dogs Women, Nathalie Roland (F) is still first but Susanne Noppe-Haller (D) as come much closer, 2" only behind, the third being Sylvia Perl (A).

SJ 1 dog 1 Men is still leaded by Roman Reistetter (SK) but Jan Neger (SK) is now second and Michal Ivanco, also from Slovak Republic, third.

SJ 1 dog 1 Women is still leaded by Carla Reistetterova (SK) who increased the advence on Elisabeth Smejkal-Hayn (A) and the young French Loriane Beaud.

Klaus Bäumel (A) remains leader in SJ 1 dog 2, in front of Jean-Michel Hoog (F) and Sepp Brugger (A). these three racing with Greenland dogs. While in SJ 1dog 2 Women the three ladies race with Alaskan Malamutes and Helga Obrist (A) is leading in front of Emma Hoog (F) junior, second and Maria Pröll (A) third.


Once the SJ classes were gone, trails were excellent for big teams...


In O class, Frans Weissher (NL) was almost as fast as yesterday, and 6´ faster than Loris Bottega (I), followed by Claudio De Ferrari (I).

In A class, Onno de Jong (NL) was much faster than yesterday and is now second and chasing Karl Rachbauer who remains leader. Hans Reich (D) has taken the provisional third place.

B1 class with six Siberian Huskie is a Dutch story... Carel Vd Mortel is first, Andre Vd Brink is second and Jan Groot Kormeling is now third, followed by another four Dutch teams, before the other country representatives can show up.

In B2 Class, Zbiniew Heczko (CZ) and his six Greenland dogs passed Bernd Sauerhöfer (D) who is now second with a team including one Malamute, The third being Marco Visconti (I) with his sixGreenland dogs, followed By Ernst Lippush (A) and his Samojeds and then Peter Lipcsei (H) with 6 Malamutes.

In C1, another Vd Mortel, Gudrun is leading the category, followed by two other Dutch teams, Niels Havenaar second and Lonneke Bom third. Another Dutch musher, Ron De Ruiter is leading the C2 Class with 4 Greenland dogs, closely followed by Alain Diffort (F) and Jean-Michel Hoog (F).

Sebastian Astelbauer (A) is the new leader of D1 class. Thomas Reuter (A) being second and Valentina Durio (I) junior who is now third. In D2 class While Bernd Kirstein (D) remains first and Sabine Klein (D) second, the thirs is now the French junior Theo Kentzinger, who passed Marc Brocard.


All mushers were really happy with today´s race and the third heat tomorrow will be really exciting because so many positions can change in so many classes.


Now we will first enjoy the musher evening with an excellent dinner and music, but I guess that not all teams will dance late at night if they want to get their titles tomorrow.

FISTC European Championship 2016


Saint Ulrich am Pillersee


The FISTC Sprint European Championships 2016 started yesterday, Thursday 21st January with the usual Vet check and FISTC documents controls.

Here, in this beautiful mountain village, everything is perfectly organised by local staff under the supervision of Eddy Nutz, together with Mushing Holland Sport Club driven by Frans Weisscher and Ono De Jong, two dynamic hard workers, and the FISTC team.

We are lucky, in this warm and bad winter to have here such perfect conditions with excellent snow, cold temperatures (-17° last night) and beatiful and sunny days.

In the evening, after the delegates meeting, the nice opening ceremony was followed by a party with typical and excellent Dutch food offered to all participants, that are more than 120, and friends by Mushing Holland.


Today (Friday), after the cold night, all trails perfectly prepared by Uwe Schott and his team, looked very fast and they were indeed. Almost all participants and their dogs enjoyed running in such a beautiful place with such a good snow.


In Ski-Jöring 2 dogs men, Marcel Matanin (SLK) is the leader closely followed by Sebastian Astelbauer (A) and Igor Stefan (SLK). SJ 2 dogs women class is leaded by Nathalie Roland (F) in front of Susanne Noppe-Haller (A). SJ 1 dog SH is a Slovak class in which Roman Reistetter is the leader but Michal Ivanco is follwing him closely. In SJ 1 dog SH women, the daughter, Carla Reistetterova (junior) is the leader. The SJ 1dog2 class is leaded by Klaus Bäumel (A) with a Greenland dog and the SJ 1dog2 women by Helga Obrist (A) with her Alaskan Malamute.


In the O class, as the trail was too fast, Frans Weisscher started with only 10 dogs instead of 14 but he is first, having been 8" faster than Loris Bottega (I) with his 12 SH.In A class, the Austrian Karl Rachbauer is first but there is a strong competition with the second, French Jean Claude Peru and the Danish Knud Schmolz.


The first five teams in the B1 class are from the Netherlands ! The first one being Carel Van de Mortel. In B2 class Bernd Sauerhöfer is first, I would say as usual, but Zbiniew Heczko (CZR) closely follows him.


Another Van de Mortel, Gudrun, is the leader of the C1 Class, but Ugo del Nevo will do his best to catch her... In C2, another Dutch musher Ron De Ruitter is the leader. Thomas Reuter (A) is leading D1 class, and Bernd Kirstein (D) the D2 class.


Just a pity that some mushers made a mistake on the trail and had a penalty.


Tonight it is freezing again and trails will be at least as fast tomorrow and we expect another fantastic racing day.


The latest news from Saint Ulrich
It is now snowing in St. Ulrich, and the training camp will be open as planed, from Friday 15th January 2016. The weather forecast is good, and the FISTC EC Sprint will take place as planned, 21-24 January 2015.

FISTC MD/LT European Cheampionship

Banska Bystrika 



Kraliky2016 plagat



The local organizer inform that due to the snow conditions the start of the training camp in St. Ulrich will be posticipated of one week and will start from the 15th january and will continue one week after the EC FISTC sprint.


In the beautiful Tirol Alps where in 1996 MHSC organised a three days sprint race and where in 2006, ten years ago, there was a FISTC european Championship Sprint now MHSC togheter with the community of St Ulrich organize a two weeks training camp and the FISTC European Championship sprint 2016.


For more info: www.mushingholland.nl


FISTC European Championships Cart  Kalo – Ebeltoft DK, 20 – 22 November 2015

European Championships Cart 2015 Ebeltoft Kalo Day 3

Sunday 22nd November

The sunday's heat of the EC Cart has been cancelled due to a snow storm.

With the snow fallen during the night on the trail there weren't the safety conditions for dogs and musher.

The result list of yesterday became the final result list.


European Championships Cart 2015 Ebeltoft Kalo Day 2

Saturday 21st November


To day has been a fantastic day. Perfect weather, cold (2° C) and sunny , that made the area even nicer, as well as Kalo castle that dominates the race.


Many positions have changed during this second heat.


Not in middle distance A still leaded by Gerald Schinzel (A) who increased its advance on Angelika Wiatowski by a further 30". The mid C class seems to belong to Romana Guregova (CZ) and the Mid C" class to Ole Knudsen  (DK).


In sprint, tha A class is still leaded by Knud Schmolz (DK) who increased by 30" its advance on Jean Claude Peru (F). In B class, if there will be no accidents tomorrow, Andreas Wiatowski (D) should win and Stephane Poublanc (F) be second.


Berndt Sauerhöfer (D) in B2 should also be able to keep its first position, as well as Götz Bramowsky (D) in C class, a class in which the second and third positions will go to either a French or a Danish or a Czech musher as differences are so small. In D class, Igor Pribula (SK) is first but fighting against Sarah Mikkelsen Dimovski (DK Jr).  In D2 class, Per Gunnar Larsen (DK) malamutes are leading the class in front of Jean Michel HOOG (F) and his Malamutes.


In Bike 2 dogs the new leader is now Oleg Tarazanov (RUS) but three other mushers are following him very closely. Bike 1 dog men is leaded by Roman Reistetter. In bike 1 dog women the leader is still the Danish Jr Linea Kamper Pedersen but Karla Reistetterova is coming closer to her.


Jean Michel Hoog (F) is the leader of Bike 2/1 dog men. Alexey Tarazanov 8RUS Jr) is leading the scooter 2 dogs class and Irene Ax (Swe) the 2 scooter dogs women class. Stefanie Wunsch is leader in scooter 1 dog class and in the scooter 2/1 dog class Klaüs Baümel (A) just passed Sepp Brugger (A). The canicross 2 dogs class will go to a danish musher, actually the leader is Mikkel Buuge.In Canicross 1 dog men, Michal Ivanco increased his advantage on Marcel Matanin, another Slovak story! In canicross 1 dog women all the girls participating are juniors and the first for the moment is Line Hansen (DK).


Tomorrow, the final day promises to be very exciting again.   


Results list 2nd day

Page 1

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Page 3


Here we are again. Most of the best FISTC Nordic pure breed mushers meet again today in this beautiful place, Kalo, for the European Cart Championships.

110 mushers coming from 10 countries reached this lovely place by the seaside.

Scandinavian mushers will compete against mushers from Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Czech and Slovak Republics, and the Netherlands.

The Vet team has been checking all dogs participating in the competition all day long and was very satisfied with the excellent conditions of the dogs. Trails are really beautifull and perfectly prepared for what will be, once again, a beautifull competition.

After the traditional delegates meeting, the opening ceremony brought together all participants and the organisers as well as the high level representatives of the community. But already the first goal was reached with the exceptional friendship and ospitality of our Danish Hosts.

Tomorrow morning at ten am, the real competition will start with the middle distance classes first, then followed by all sprint categories.

Tomorrow we will tell you much more about what will be a really exciting competition.



European Championships Cart 2015 – Ebeltoft Kalo (DK) Friday 20th November Day 1

After the nice opening ceremöny yesterday evening and one minute silence for the people killed by terrorists in Paris last Friday, today the competition started. Weather was surprisingly good, dry and cold, perfect for all dogs.

Three middle-distance categories, A, C and C2 were ran: In A class Gerald Schinzel (A) is first and  Angelika Wiatowski is second; The C class is dominated by the Czecz Romana Guregova, and the C" class by Ole Knudsen (DK).

In sprint, Knud Schmolz is first in A and Andreas Wiatowski in B1: In B2 Berndt Sauerhöferis leading and another German musher, Götz Bramowski leads the C Class. D1 is leaded by Igor Pribula (SK) and D" by a Danish musher Per Gunnar Larsen.

In Bike 2 dogs, Julian Astelbauer (A) is first while in bike 1 dog men the Slovak Roman Reistetter is leading. Bike women is led by the young Danish junior, Linea Kamper Pedersen. The French Jean Michel HOOG is first in Bike 2 / 1 dog with a greenland dog. The Scooter 2 dogs men class is led by a junior, the Russian Alexey Tarazanov while the women class is led by Irene Ax from Sweden. Scooter 1/1 is led by the German Stefanie Wunsch, and scooter 2/1 by the Austrian Sepp Brugger.

In the three canicross categories we always use mass start. In canicross 2 dogs, the leader is Mikkel Buuge (DK), in canicross 1 dog Michal Ivanco (SK) is first and in canicross women the Danish junior Line Hansen is first.

Tomorrow, the second heat and many possibilitis for changes between the leqders. A beautiful competition and anyway already a success with a top level organisation.


Result list 1st day

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Page 3


Is now on the FISTC website the minute of 2015 General Assembly.

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