"The best thing about a man is his dog."

French Proverb

FISTC Cart European Championship 2014

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Website of the event has been started.

Newsletter 30.09.2014

Dear musher,

the board decided, for the next Championship in Venek, that is allowed to start with the same dog in canicross and one other classes, but only for canicross. NOT for two different classes in cart or bike !!

FISTC Cart European Championship 2014 Vének-Győr (H)

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Place of the Championship: Vének (a small village close to the city of Győr) - Hungary

Distances: Vienna 110 km, Bratislava 75 km, Prague 400 km, Tarvisio 440 km... Route planner

Website of the event will starting soon.





The place  of the GA FISTC will be at the historical place of Waterloo. It is 15 km south of Brussels.



Brussels Airport is 20 Kms. Airport Brussels South is 40 Kms.

Railway is 1.5 Km.

Highway is nearby (exit 26).

There will be a full and beautiful program from Friday 30th of may at midday 12:00 o clock, till Sunday the 1st of June at midday 12:00 o clock.

Attached  you will find:

-The entire program

-Reservation form from the Hotel, to send to the IBIS Waterloo (the coordinates are on their form)

-Reservation form meeting WE, to fill in for every delegation individual and send back at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Newsletter 17.03.2014


Dear Musher,


Despite the willing of the local organizators the snow conditions in Kraylliky do not allow to organize the race and we have just received comunication that the EC FISTC MD/LT 2014 is cancelled.


Your Board

Newsletter 24.02.2014

Dear Mushers,


We have just been informed that in Kraliky, for the European Championships next week-end there is not enough snow and we are obliged to cancel the European Championship MD/LT.

The local organizer are trying to organize the race for the 20-21-22-23 of march.

Please check the website for further informations.


Your Board


Newsletter 15.02.2014



Dear friends,


the weather conditions in Auronzo are not improving. Instead, now the very high level of snow on top of the mountains makes it dangerous and the danger of avalanches has reached the maximum level.

As a consequence, the city of Auronzo has forbidden yestareday any organisation on the site of Palus San Marco, where it is even too dangerous to try to prepare the trails, as the whole upper part of the trail is under very high risk of avalanches.


We have no other choice than cancel the European Championships in Auronzo.


Your Board

Newsletter 10.02.2014


Dear Mushers,


as we comunicate yesterday, due to the insufficient snow conditions in Kraliky, the original date of the European Championship FISTC MD/LT  2014 has been postpone.

The new date of the race is 27.02.2014. - 02.03.2014.

We look forward to meet you in Kraliky.


The FISTC Board

Newsletter 09.02.2014

Dear friends,


With this chaotic winter it is difficult to follow the planned organisation of our FISTC Championships.

We have just been informed that in Kraliky, for the European Championships next week-end it is raining today and there is no enough snow left to organise the race. They are trying to find another date for the organisation of the mid and long Championships.

We should receive the information within a few days and of course will keep you posted immediately.

The FISTC Board

Newsletter 03.02.2014

Dear Mushers,

The cataclysmic weather conditions in Auronzo, where singe Friday they got over 4meters fresh snow and it wil continue snowing probably the whole week, lead us to cancel the race this week-end.

First of all most roads are closed and it is extremely difficult and dangerous to try to reach Palus san Marco (Auronzo).

Secondly, the stake-out and trails that were ready and perfect last Wednesday are under the snow and it becomes too difficult to prepare a good race under these conditions.

We are trying to reorganise the race for the 21-22-23 of February.


We apologise for the inconvenience, but  the whole area has been declared yesterday evening under status of Natural Disaster and the Army is trying to help the population. Actually there are also water and electricity problems for the local population. 


The FISTC Board.

Our Member Countries


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