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Many thanks to Lauro Magris, a naturalistic photographer  interested in sleddog races, who take some beautiful pictures on the trail of the WC in Auronzo di Cadore.

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WC FISTC SPRINT - official photos


The official photograf of the event, Massimo Mazzasogni have opload on his website many pics of all the musher and the price cerimony.

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Today, it has been snowing during the whole morning. Temperatures, just close to zero, made the trail heavy. However, we have been lucky as just after the pricing ceremony in the afternoon, the snow transformed in rain.

All mushers and dogs enjoyed this third day and were happy, of course the winners were extremely happy.

In SJ2 1dog class, Sepp Brugger (A) won the third manche like the first two and got the gold medal and the title. Jean Michel Hoog (F) passed Anne Miclo (F) both woth Alaskan Malamutes. The Junior Gold medal went to another French young girl, Emma Hoog also with one Malamute. In SJ 2 dogs, no problem, Marcel Matanin (SK) won the three heats nd is the Champion. Today, Sebastian Astelbauer (A) finished second and vice-champion, having passed Matjas Ovsenek (Slo). The French Nathalie Roland is Champion in SJ 2 dogs women and now in SJ 1 dog men Michal Ivanco (SK) is champion just before Roman Reistetter (SK).

In O class, the French Jean Combazard is Champion without any discussion, the second and vice-champion is Claudio De Ferrari (I) and the bronze medal goes to Filippo Piccinini (I).

No changes in A1 class, in which Karl Rachbauer (A) is the Champion, preceding Jean Claude Peru (F) second and Knud Schmolz (DK) third. In A2 class Horst Klank (Ger) is Champion with his 8 flying Samoyeds second is Daniel Chomette (Fra) with 8 Greenland dogs. Italian musher Luca Castelletta is Champion in B1, but our Hungarian friend Attila Kiss is vice Champion as he was able to pass two teams today. Berndt Sauerhöfer in B2 is Champion and got his 29th Gold medal in FISTC Championships !!!

Brigitte Wahlhütter is champion in C1 class, second and vice-Champion is Gianni Sabella (Ita) and bronze medal went to Pascal Gerarg (Fra). Marceau Rieumal (F) is Champion in C2 class with 4 Greenland dogs, Silver medal goes to Dominik Brendel (Ger) and bronze medal to Constantin Grosu (Rom). Young junior Valentina Durio (I) is Champion in D1, the Silver medal goes to Sebastian Astelbauer (Aut) and the bronze medal to Igor Pribula (Slk). Bernd Kirstein (Ger) is the Champion in D2 class, Sabine Klein (Ger) is vice-Champion and Marc Brocard (Fra) got the Bronze medal.

The Nations Cup was won by France, Austria was second and Germany third.

Indeed this was a very beautiful and successful championship.

Unfortunately, the rain and high temperatures as well as the weather forecasts obliged the organisers to cancel the Mid and long distance championships next week-end.


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SJ 2/1 dog : Sepp BRUGGER (AUT)

SJ 2/1 dog Junior : Emma HOOG (FRA)

SJ 1/2 dogs : Marcel MATANIN (SLK)

SJ 1/Women/2 dogs : Nathalie ROLAND (FRA)

SJ 1/1 dog : Michal IVANCO (SLK)

SJ 1/1 dog Junior : Carla REISTETTEROVA (SLK)


Category O : Jean COMBAZARD (FRA)

Category A1 : Karl RACHBAUER (AUT)

Category A2 : Horst KLANK (GER)

Category B1 : Luca CASTELLETTA (ITA)

Category B2 : Berndt SAUERHOEFER (GER)

Category C1 : Brigitte WAHLHÜTTER (AUT)

Category C2 : Marceau RIEUMAL (FRA)

Category D1 : Valentina DURIO (ITA)

Category D1 Junior : Valentina DURIO (ITA)

Category D2 : Bernd KIRSTEN (GER)



1st place : FRANCE, 62.6 pts

2nd place : AUSTRIA, 53.2 pts

3rd place : GERMANY, 29.5 pts



the FISTC Board take with regret the decision to cancell the EC MD/LT in Auronzo di Cadore: already during the WC sprint the temperature increase and the weather forecast annunce that it will increase more in the next day with temperature around the + 10 °. 

In that condition is not possible prepare the trail.




Sprint Championships 2nd Day

To day is Valentine´s day, but the nicest gift to all pure breed sled dogs lovers has been this second heat. Contrary to the weather forecasts, this second day was sunny, no snow, but higher temperatures, just close to zero, made the trail heavier and a little bit slower. However, all mushers and dogs enjoyed it and were happy. In SJ2 1dog class, Sepp Brugger (A) increased his advance on the second that now is the French lady Anne Miclo with a Malamute. In SJ 2 dogs, Marcel Matanin (SK) is also increasing his advance on the second that now is Matjas Ovsenek (Slo). The French Nathalie Roland is first in SJ 2 dogs women and now in SJ 1 dog men Michal Ivanco (SK) is first 2 seconds before Roman Reistetter (SK). In O class, the French Jean Combazard is ncreasing the gap with the second, Claudio De Ferrari. No changes in A1 class, still leaded by Karl Rachbauer (A) nor in A2 class where Horst Klank and his 8 flying Samoyeds are really fast. Italian musher Luca Castellette is first in B1 as is Berndt Sauerhöfer in B2. Brigitte Wahlhütter is still leading the C1 class, where the first three are in less than 1 minute. Marceau Rieumal (F) is confortably leading the C2 class. Young junior Valentina Durio (I) is first in D1 and Bernd Kirstein leads the D2 class. Tomorrow with a cooler weather and a faster trail, many positions may change and the race remains open and extremely exciting. Tonight we willl enjoy the excellent musher dinner offered by organisers to all participants. Tomorrow the final results.



13 – 02 – 2015


Today in this superb area of Auronzo di Cadore – Palus San Marco the weather was splendid, sunny but cold ( minus 10 °) and absolutely perfect for the dogs of all teams. In many classes the fight was tough and the results show how the competition is hard. The trails were perfectly prepared and extremely fast. In big categories the winners ran the trail faster than 25 km/hour. We have four different ski-jorring classes, in SJ2/1dog Sepp Brugger is first with his Greenland dog the three following competitors racing with Alaskan Malamutes. In SJ 2 dogs, Marcel Matanin (SK) is first, preceding Sebastian Astelbauer (A). SJ 2 dogs women is leaded by Nathalie Roland (F), Roman Reistetter (SK) is leading the SJ 1 dog class. Jean Combazard (F) has the fastest team of the race and is leading the O class, while Karl Rachbauer (A) leads the A1 Class. Horst Kland (D) and his flying Saòoyeds are leading the A2 class. In B1 Luca Castelletta (I) is first and very fast, while in B2 nobody could be as fast as Berndt Sauerhofer (D). In C1, Brigitte Wahlhutter (A) is leading just a few seconds in front of Pascal Gerard (F). The C2 class is leaded by two French mushers separated by only 2 seconds. In D1, the Italian junior Valentina Durio is first, and very impressive. In D2 class, Berndt Kirsten (D) is leading just before Sabine Klein (D). Tomorrow, weather forecasts indicate some possible snowfalls which may slower the race. Anyway the biggest success is that we currently have 100 per cent satisfied mushers.



The WC in Auronzo di Cadore is confirmed, the recent snowfall had covered the trail and this the lenght:

cat. D and C 8.2 km

cat. B and SJ 11 km

cat. A and O  16 km

As decided in the last GA this is the number of nusher in each category:

N. of musher Category
13 Cat. D1
7 Cat. D2
9 Cat. C1
6 Cat. C2
5 Cat. B1
5 Cat. B2
7 Cat. A1
2 Cat. A2
2 Cat. O
5 Cat. SJ 1/1 men
1 Cat. SJ 1/1 women
4 Cat. SJ 1/2 men
4 Cat. SJ 1/2 women
1 Cat. Pulka 1/2 men
3 Cat. SJ 2/1 men
1 Cat. SJ 2/1 women



WC Sprint FISTC Auronzo di Cadore


News about the WC sprint  FISTC in Auronzo di Cadore:  at the moment the condition of the trail it's not at the best with some area with lack of snow but there's forecast of the fall of 50 cm of snow.

Following this forecast the local organizer gave the confirmation at the WC sprint in Palus San Marco.

The previous lenght of the trail are the following:

cat D and C      8 km.

cat B and SJ   12 km.

cat A and O    18 km.

The lenght have to be confirmed.

WC Auronzo di CADORE


It's on line the new website of the WC sprint FISTC of Auronzo di Cadore


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News about WC Sprint 2015 in Auronzo di Cadore

Dear Delegates and dear Musher,


after the confirmation of the WC sprint 2015 in Auronzo di Cadore we want to give you some information about accomodations in Palus San Marco and in Auronzo:


Villa Gregoriana (colonia)

www.accoglienza.diocesi.it – Tel 0435/497003-497081 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Albergo Il Mughetto

www.albergomughetto.it - Tel 0435 497031– This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Agriturismo Corte’s Ranch

www.cortesranch.com - 0435 497060 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For futher accomodation in Auronzo di Cadore (about 10 km from the stake out) please contact the tourist information's office www.auronzomisurina.it

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