FISTC Sprint European Championship 2010 - Donovaly (SK)

Donovaly 12 – 14 february 2010

A great European Sprint Championship

This Championship was originally planned for Taxenbach (A), but with a very short notice it was moved to Donovaly (Slovakia) because the municipality of Taxenbach could not carry out this event.
Luckily our friends of the Donly Club were able to organize a superb European Championship in stead.
The weather conditions were cloudy and windy for all tree days of the race, but thanks low temperatures the trail was in good condition and perfectly worked out.
The fair play of our musher was excellent: We had no official protests.

We do thank again our Slovak friends, and particularly thanks to the Race Marshall Pavel Toma who during the price giving Ceremony announced, that this has been his last Championship.
Now we wait for the 2011 World Championship in Donovaly, which is also the twentieth Anniversary since their very first sled dog race, and we are certain, that this will be a great event.

Your Board says thank you to all participants, and we hope to have many musher coming next Year.

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Photogallery of Philippe Corradi

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