Newsletter 24.11.2013.

The report, the final results and photos of the FISTC Cart European Championship (Beloeil) are available HERE.

Newsletter 22.10.2013.

The End of the « De Ferrari Case ».

Most people must remember these images seen on internet showing a musher in Gryon, at our European Championships Middle and Long distance in March 2012.
We, the FISTC had taken our decisions and we have been hardly criticised by people who, as usual, did not know!

However, you need to know what happened then:
There has been a penal trial instructed against Claudio De Ferrari in Switzerland for violations of the law on animals, at the initiative of the Swiss Animal Protection !

On April 9th 2013, the Penal Tribunal of Canton de Vaud, made its judgement, here attached.

And like the FISTC Race Jury on the race in Gryon, and then the FISTC General Assembly in June 2012, the Tribunal judged that there has not been any injury nor abuse to the dogs and no infraction to the law about animals.

The result was “Order of Nolle Prosequi”, this means that the Swiss Justice officially cleared Claudio De Ferrari and declared him innocent of any injury to his dogs and innocent of any violation of the law on Animals.
The consequence is that all costs of the procedure are to be borne by the Swiss State under Article 423 alinea 1 of the Penal Procedure Code.
Further consequence will be that Claudio De Ferrari, and the FISTC now will start prosecution against associations that condemned him without reason and harmed him and the FISTC with injurious and wrong decisions as well as wrong comments, particularly on their websites!

This once again shows that we had taken the correct decision and how dangerous can be the wrong use of Internet that may lead to big negative consequences.

You can read the judgement here: in french (ORDONNANCE DE CLASSEMENT) or in english (ORDER OF NOLLE PROSEQUI)

Newsletter 09. 09. 2013.

Informations about Cart European Championship - Beloeil (B)

Date: 22-24. November, 2013.

Place: Beloeil "La Mer De Sable" - Belgium

You can see details HERE or on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE of the race.

Newsletter 26. 04. 2013

The board can now inform that the General Assembly will this year take place in Seckau, Austria on the 7th to 9th of June, and our friends have now sent the following information so that our delegates can now as soon as possible plan their journey:

We ask all delegates to send their reservation as soon as possible only to Willi Eisenbeutel This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please declare number of persons, single or double room, day of arrival/departure.

We have 12 rooms in the hotel JUFA (Jugend und Familiengästehaus) 8732 Seckau 2 and 8 rooms in house of family Trampusch 8732 Seckau 13.

Meeting room and all meals in hotel JUFA.

You can arrive per car or google maps
or per train
or airplane next airport is Graz/Thalerhof

in case of needing a shuttle service we can organise this from airport or rail station to Seckau and back.

Possible program outside the meeting:

Friday, 7th of June 19:00 : sightseeing in the distillery and degustation in the abbey of Seckau

saturday, 8th of June 18:00: climbing up with bus shuttle to the famous Grafenalm at an altitude near by 1450 meters evening meal, togetherness.

sunday, 9th of June 11:00 : sightseeing and presentation from the world famous ginger bread (lebkuchen) made by world champion Regner

Kind regards

The board of FISTC

Newsletter 18. 02. 2013.

Information about Distance Championship in Innerkrems

Here attached you'll find the programm of EC MD/LT organised in Innerkrems and information about the trail.

Programm of EC in Innerkrems

Information about EC in Innerkrems (in German)

Information about EC in Innerkrems (in English)

Newsletter 14. 02. 2013.

Finally we also We have another excellent news, the FISTC Distance championships will be organised in Innerkrems, Austria, from 8 to 10 March 2013.
We all are extremely grateful to all the people that have put so many efforts to help the FISTC during these difficult days.

The Board

Newsletter 13. 02. 2013.


A new website for the FISTC World Championship sprint has been created. The site will be update every day and in it you can find information about the championship, the accomodation in the area.



Newsletter 11. 02. 2013.

FINALLY WE GOT IT, the authorisations have been given this afternoon, so the FISTC World Championships Sprint 2013 will take place in NEUKIRCHEN am GROSSVENEDIGER, Austria, from 22 to 24 February. We know this is a short notice but we have really done our best!

More information about Distance Championships should arrive this week also.

We hope to see many of you there.

The Board

Newsletter 09. 02. 2013.


we have just been informed that we will have the confirmation by the Mayor of the city for the sprint championships only on Monday.
We will have also receive information about the distance championships by Wednesday only.
Of course we will keep you informed as soon as possible.

Newsletter 08. 02. 2013.

Dear FISTC friends,
Your Board is still working very hard towards the official organisation of our championships.
We should have the final replies this week end. If both championships will take place, Sprint bill be on 22 to 24 February, and Distance one week later .
The two places are trying to get the required autorisations.
We will keep you informed as soon as possible.

Your Board

Newsletter 29. 01. 2013.

Dear Delegates and dear Mushers,

Since Donovaly informed us that they would not be able to organise the FISTC Championships this year due to financial problems we, the FISTC Board, immediately started investigating all over Europe in order to find one or two places that may be able to organise our Championships this winter either at the original dates or at any other date. Up to now we have been contacting almost all the places where we thought it might be possible to realise such organisations. We hade some hopes as we have had a lot of support but for various reasons we have not yet been successful yet. In Italy, while a location was willing to organise both Championships, they could not get the sanitary (veterinary) authorisations because the delay was too short. Same problem with Auronzo. In another Italian place we have been facing technical problems that could not be solved.
We contacted many other places in Germany and Austria, but the lack of snow in some places or budgetary problems in other places makes it impossible.
Finally we still have two or three possibilities left, for which we wait for the reply of the cities and clubs.
As soon as we will have a positive answer, or when we will have no further possibilities, all delegates will be informed and our website will be updated.
For the distance championships, we are still waiting for answers from three locations also.
It is not easy to organise Championships with such a short delay.

The FISTC Board

Newsletter 20. 01. 2013.

Dear friends, as you know, the FISTC received on Friday morning a letter from Donovaly indicating that for various reasons and despite all the efforts they made it is not possible for them to organise the FISTC Championships this year. This very late announcement makes it more difficult to find another place for our Sprint and MD/LT Championships.
However, since Friday morning, the whole board and several Member countries are doing their utmost to find a backup solution.

Newsletter 18. 01. 2013.

Yesterday evening we received a letter in mail from Donly Klub in Slovakia that they despite much efforts are not able to carry through the sprint- mid- and longdistance Races in Donovaly.
The boardmembers are speechless but will in any case evaluate what to do in this very sad situation.
For full info we bring the message we received.
Please have a close contact to our Website that we an keep you posted.

With sad regards
the board of FISTC

Click here to see the letter from Donly Klub

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