FISTC European Championships Cart in Denmark 2007

Sletten, 24th-25th of November 2007

"All doping controls made in Sletten (DK) were negative, according to the results received from the German Lab who made the controls."

Arno Roos, FISTC Verinary


Final result

The second day of the European Championships Cart in Sletten (DK) was as exciting as the first day. The cold and cloudy weather was perfect for the dogs, however, trails were a little bit less fast than on Saturday due to a rainy night.

In all classes the best athletes won and titles went to many of our best mushers and runners.

A Class: Gerald Schinzel (A) is the new European Champion and Jan Pedersen (DK) is Vice-European Champion while Gert Kronholm (DK) receives the Bronze medal.
B Class: Andreas Nymark (DK) is European Champion and Michel Laboure (F) Vice-European Champion, these two teams were very close. Uwe Meyer (D), despite a 2 minutes penalty on the first day succeeded in getting the bronze medal on Sunday.
These two classes were extremely impressive and fast on such a technical and tough trail.

C1 class: Pascal Gerard (F) is European Champion, and Goetz Bramowski (D) vice-European Champion after a tough race as the bronze medal went to Kenneth Berndtsen (DK), very close at only six seconds from the second on Sunday.
C2 class: Horst Klank, European Champion with his Samojeds could not be caught by the two French teams following him with Greenland dogs. Jean Paul Caillibot (F) is vice European Champion and Jean Claude Tredez (F) received the bronze medal.
There were many beautiful Samojeds teams competing in this class.
D1 class: This was a German story, won by Heiko Tescher, gold medal in front of Eduard Kaufhold, silver medal.
D2 class: Sebastien Parent (F) is European Champion with his two Alaskan Malamutes. Nick Myhre (DK) is vice-European Champion and Ken Myhre (DK) received the bronze medal, these two teams competing with Samojeds.

Bike 1 dog: Thomas Muecke (D) is European Champion and David Carre (F) vice-Eurpoean Champion. It is to be noted that Davis is a junior. Marianne Clausen (DK) received the bronze medal.
Bike 2 dogs: This was the fastest class and the speed average was very impressive. Holger Winter (D) is European Champion and Cheda Milisavljevic (RUS) vice-European Champion. Soren Krelskov (DK) received the bronze medal, only 7 seconds faster on two days than the fourth team.
Scooter 2 dogs: A totally French podium with Jean-Baptiste Laboure (F) junior titled European Champion (another title after the ones he won in St Ulrich (A) and Auronzo (I)). Jean-Michel Santens is vice-European Champion and Julien Rullier, another junior, received the bronze medal.
Scooter 1 dog: Juliette Prodhomme (F) junior is European Champion followed by Lutz Schulte-Uebbing (D) vice-European Champion. Alexandre Rullier (F) another junior received the bronze medal.
Many junior mushers were competing with success in these classes and this is good for our sport as it shows that the future of the sport is on its way.

Cani Cross Men: Leonid Filippov (RUS) is European Champion and this was the first title won by a Russian athlete in our FISTC championships. No doubt that this is the first of a long series of titles for Russian participants in our sports when we see the very high level of performance of Russian athletes. Tim Bendsten (DK) is vice-European Champion and Lutz Schulte-Uebbing received the bronze medal, his second medal on these championships.
Cani cross women: While the first two ladies were ex-aequo after the first day, on Sunday Kerstin Nitsch (D) won the title of European Champion, and Janine Koehler (D) was vice-European Champion. Another German lady, Kerstin Muecke, received the bronze medal. It can be noted that the fourth lady, Petra Klank (D), very close to the third one was competing with Samojeds.

Arno Roos, the FISTC vet, could see that with such a good trail and good weather conditions all dogs were in excellent shape on the finish line. Several doping controls were done, very well accepted by all participants.

These FISTC Championships have been totally successful and all participants are willing to participate in the next ones that will take place in Italy next year. It was a real pleasure to be in Denmark this year and we all hope to be able to come back to meet our Danish friends quite soon.


"Hello from Sletten, Denmark, where the FISTC, together with the Dansk Siberian Husky Klub (DSHK) is organicing its European Championship Cart. The place is really wonderful around a lake in the middle of a forest. Trails are in perfect conditions and extremely fast. The weather, very cold, sunny in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon was ideal for the dogs and the race. All dogs and mushers enjoyed this first day of race with participants from six countries (Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia) competing in 13 different classes.

In the A class, Gerald Schinzel (A) took the lead on Jan Pedersen (DK) and Gert Kronholm (DK). In B class there are only 5” between the first team Andreas Nymark (DK) and the second, Michel Laboure (F). In C1, another French musher Gerard Pascal is leading followed by Goetz Bramowski (D) and Kenneth Bendsten (DK). Horst Klank (D) is first in C2 with his “flying Smoyeds” preceding two French teams of Greenland dogs, Jean Paul Caillibot and Jean Claude Tredez, while in the D2 class Sebastien Parent (F) is first with his Alaskan Malamutes, before Nick and Ken Myhre (DK)

Many mushers are also competing in the other clases. In Bike 1 dog, Thomas Muecke (D) is first ahead of David Carre (F jun) and Marianne Clausen (DK). Another German, Holger Winter, leads the Bike 2 dogs class closely followed by a Russian musher - Cheda Milisavljevic and by Soren Krelskov (DK). The Scooter 2 dogs class is lead by three French mushers, in the order Jean-Baptiste Laboure (jun), Jean-Michel Santens and Jullien Rullier (jun). Excellent young French juniors in scooter 1 dog, where Juliette Prodhomme (jun) is first, Lutz Schulte-Uebbing (D) is second and Alexandre Rullier (F jun) is third.

In canicross Men, Leonid Filippov (RUS) is leading the category before Tim Bendsten (DK) and Lutz Schulte-Uebbing (D), while in Canicross women Germany trusts the first four places with the first two, Janine Koehler and Kerstin Nitsch strictly ex-aequo.

All conditions are there for a fantastic final tomorrow…"

24.11.2007 Sletten, Denmark



The start list

We would like to invite you to our first dry land european championship of FISTC in Denmark. The race will take a place in town Sletten. Sletten is an area of extreme beaty at the foot of ”Himmelbjerget” near a small town Ry. We all hope for fantastic race. See you in Denmark.

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How to come to the racing site:

Passing Hamburg and Flensburg on the Motorway you will shortly arrive at the Danish Border where you will meet no Custom or any control. Stay on the motorway until exit No. 55 – continuing on Road No. 461 towards Oestbirk – through Gammel Ry to a T-Crossing – turn left on Road No. 445 passing the sign “Himmelbjerget”. Shortly after this you will see a sign in the right side showing DSHK and EC as well as the Official Sign “FDF lejren SLETTEN” – turn right here and continue through the forest until you are there.


The DSHK is arranging an CAC Club Show on Saturday.

It is possible to rent a room or to hire a place for car, camper, tent, or ? – at very reasonable prices.
Contact person is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible, as we rent out in the order of application.

The map of the trail





10.00 - 16.00 Arrival and controlling of dogs, papers and Carts. Please observe that effective brakes are a must!
17.00 Opening Ceremony
18.00 Musher meeting with one representative from each country
18.30 Dining in common
20.00 Line dance with “Happy Heals” and workshop.
10.00 First dog team is starting.

Surprise for the children during the day.

Certificate Show for Siberian Huskies. Judge is Anna Toernloev from Sweden.
More about this later. We need a separate form to enter this!

18.00 Musher meeting with one representative from each country.
18.30 Musher evening - dinner and music (dancing)
10.00 First dog team is starting.

Surprise for the children during the day.

Displaying Rally-Obedince.

16.00 Expected closing of the event.

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