FISTC Sprint European Championship 2006 - St. Ullrich (A)

17. - 19. Februar 2006

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Photos provided by CORRADI Philippe, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & Henychova Jana, FISTC

PRICE GIVING CEREMONY- St.Ulrich 19.2.2006:

The FINAL result list

Organisation: Mushing Holland, Eddy Nutz, St. Ulrich, FISTC

INFORMATION from St.Ulrich 19.2.2006:

The FINAL result list

After a cold night, today there was the third and last day of the FISTC European Championship in St. Ulrich am Pillersee/ Austria. The SJ-category started at 9.00p.m.. Again there were exciting runs under a wonderful blue sky and sunny weather. Due to the nice but warm weather, the trail for caterories B, C and D was shortened. The starts and finishs where well reported and the visitors were well informed on the ongoing of the competition. All teams enjoyed this race that took place in one of the most beautiful mountain sites in Europe with fantastic trails for the dogs very much appreciated by mushers.According to the shedule, the final ceremonie will take place at 17.00a.m. The FINAL result list

FISTC Nation Cup 2006
1 France
74,07 pTs
2 Austria
46,89 pTs
3 Germany
43,86 pTs
4 Italy
40,87 pTs
5 Slovakia
37,94 pTs
6 The Netherlands
34,16 pTs
7 Czech republic
32,25 pTs
8 Denmark
13,57 pTs
9 Hungary
7,87 pTs
10 Switzerland
2,63 pTs
11 Slovenia
0,00 pTs


INFORMATION from St.Ulrich 18.2.2006:

The result list after the 2nd day

The second heat started at 9:00 am, Saturday the 18th. After a cold night everything was frost and the trail was very hard and fast at least for the first categories Skj, Pulka and O category. During the day the weather changed and the sun showed up again. It has been a beatuful day, but the trail became a little bit soft when the C2 and D classes started. Tomorrow, the races promises to be extremely competed as for example in the C1 class there are only six seconds between the first and the third team after two days of competition.

INFORMATION from St.Ulrich 17.2.2006:

The result list after 1st day

The first heat started at 9:30 am, Friday the 17th. Thanks to the organizers everything was well prepared. We can say that we have been lucky with the weather. Since morning a beautiful sun shine follows all competitors on the trail. The race had to take a break at noon because of the high temperature and animal welfeare supervisor together with FISTC veterinary advised to delay the race for three hours sothat the temperature became lower and the conditions got better. After the break the race continued on a perfect trail witch was prepared by the local snow specialists. In each category of the race the competion is very strong as in many categorie there are only a few seconds between the first teams. According to weather conditions, the second heat that will start tomorrow morning at 9:00 is very promising.

INFORMATION from St.Ulrich 16.2.2006:

The start list

Today the mushers arrived at St. Ulrich in a rainy weather. A total of 158 will be on the start tomorrow, and today all the dogs were checked by the vetteam. There were no problems with the dogs found, so all the dogs can enter the competition tomorrow.

There was also a lot of work on the trail, because the rain damaged the trail a lot. But the trailboss and his team did a very good job and they did succeed in optimalizing the trail. The traillenghts are as follows Skj: 15 km, D class: 7km, C class: 10 km, B class: 15 km, A class: 18 km and O class: 22 km.

This evening the opening ceremony will be tonight at 19:30 hour, because of the weather the program had to be changed, but still it will be a night with lots of entertainment.

The travel map
Stake out iformation
The list of competitors

The trail profile
Category Lenght Trail Superelevation
D 7 km flacher 70
Skj 15 km anspruchsvoller Trail mit Steigungen 240
B 15 km anspruchsvoller Trail mit Steigungen 240
C 10 km flacher 70
A 18 km anspruchsvoller Trail mit Steigungen 240
O 22 km anspruchsvoller Trail mit Steigungen 300



Mittwoch 15.2.2006 Anreise der EM Teilnehmer

Donnerstag 16.2.2006 18.00 Uhr Startnummernvergabe anschl. Begrü_ungsfest im Musher Zelt

Freitag 17.2.2006 FISTC EUROPAMEISTERSCHAFTEN 2006 SPRINT 09.00 - 16.00 Uhr 1. Renntag 19.30 Uhr offizielle Eröffnungsfeier mit Livekonzert & Feuerwerk

Samstag 18.2.2006 09.00 - 16.00 Uhr: 2. Renntag 19.30 Uhr: " Alaska meets Brasil" das Musher Fest mit Skiffle & Country , Samba & Salsa...

Sonntag 19.2.2006 09.00 - 16.00 Uhr: 3. Renntag Ca. 17.30 Uhr: Preisverleihung und Verabschiedung anschl. Abschlussfest im Musher Zelt Programmänderungen vorbehalten.


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