Day 1 - 16. November 2012.

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Day 2 - 17. November 2012.

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Day 3 - 18. November 2012.

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Newsletter 30. 12. 2012.

At the end of 2012 the Board wishes to bring our very best greetings, hopes and wishes for the new year - 2013 - to all our members.
Soon the Championships are to be held and we urge you all to start thinking in participating terms, as the arrangements this season will differ from the ones we have had before.
During the GA in June it was decided to have Sprint in one weekend and Mid/Long in the next one - both in Slovakia - Donovaly and nearby.
As soon as we receive plans for this from the organiseres we shall not hesitate to inform you here on the website, and ofcourse also directly to the various delegates from your clubs.
If your country has decided for a new delegate we would very much like to be informed.

Best regards from
your Board

Newsletter 12. 12. 2012.

Information about Cart European Championship in Farra d'Alpago

As request from some musher we comunicate the distances for the category in EC Cart:

D-C+Bike-Scooter-CC = Km 4,47
B+A = Km 6,83
MD = Km 11,38

Regards from the Board

Newsletter 13. 11. 2012.

Useful information about Cart European Championship On the Cart EC website there is a new area where musher can find useful informations about vet, first aids, ecc.

Click here to see the website

Newsletter 18. 10. 2012.

As you may already know from the minutes of the GA in Balatonfüred, Hungary the Race Rules have now been fixed after a trial periode of 5 years -- BUT not without a small correction now included. This correction is mentioned in top of the new Issue, and we urge all mushers to read and learn these rules.
They are valid from today and participants in the Championship in Farra d'Alpago, Italy in november must pay attention to this.

Hoping to see many musher in Italy.
Regards from the Board

Carts Racing Rules

Newsletter 08. 10. 2012.

Cart European Championship

The European Cart Champioship is approching. Here attached you'll find more complete information about the race and about accomodation in the EC area.
We remind you that all the dogs must be at least 15 months old at the first day of competion.

Click here to see the information about EC

Newsletter 30. 09. 2012.

Cart European Championship

We received from the local organization of the next Cart European Championship in Farra d'Alpago the first information about the race. As we found some things that are not non correct soon there will a new version.

Click here to to see the information about race

Italian race one week before the EC Cart

Italy FIMSS organises a cart race the week-end before the European Championships in Farra d'Alpago. They offer this possibility to participate to all teams that would like to travel to the EM and would appreciate to race their dogs the week before and have some possibilities for training after."

Click here for more informations

Newsletter 07. 06. 2012

We ask you kindly to observe new Editions of race rules SPRINT and CART as decicions taken last year at the GA in Marianska have been inserted.

Regards from
The Board

Newsletter 26. 04. 2012.

The delegates from each member country has by now received information about time and place for the upcoming General Assembly on 16th and 17th June, 2012, in Hungary.
Furthermore we have asked the delegates to bring forward any suggestions from their clubs that they need dealt with. If - for some reason - not all delegates have received this information we kindly ask you to contact the secretary - Gert Kronholm - mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible to ensure as broad a participation as possible.
Please forward the suggestions as soon as possible so the minutes can be forwarded to the delegates in due time to let the clubs take action before the GA.

Kind regards
On behalf of the Board
Gert Kronholm

Newsletter 28. 03. 2012.

We received the report form the FISTC Official vet that was in Gryon during the EC MD/LT and that checked the dogs of the musher n. 43 at the arrival line on saturday and before the start of sunday morning.

Click her to read the vet report

Newsletter 16. 03. 2012.

Within the frame of the disciplinary commission of the FISTC that is examining the case of musher n° 43 in Gryon, and in order to respect the most basic human rights, the right of that musher to defend himself, we attach herewith a letter of explanation from Claudio De Ferrari as well as a letter from a vet that has been working with the FISTC on some championships.

Click here to read the letter from Claudio De Ferrari

Click here to read the letter from Elena Battaglia

Newsletter 02. 03. 2012.

The FISTC Board has instructed a Disciplinary Commission to enquire about the facts shown on the video involving the musher n° 43 during the race in Gryon. Everything necessary must be done to secure the animal welfare in our sled dog sport, but in a legal way, and the rights of defence must be respected like in all our democracies.


3rd Manche - Sunday 26 Febryary 2012

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2nd Manche - Saturday 25 Febryary 2012

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