FISTC Cart European Championships 2008 Bueriis (I)

BUERIIS – UDINE (ITA) - 22/23 November '08

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23th of November

Let us be honest. We have been extremely lucky with the weather expect from the storm on Friday night, that took down the internet connection in the region, and we are sorry for the late update of the news.

On Saturday evening we had the Musher evening where typical dishes from the region were served. This evening was spent in a tent in the middle of the area.

Sunday arrived with a clear blue sky and minus 8 degrees Celsius as the first scent of winter.
The trail was a bit frozen but in excellent shape and all teams did a great job.
We owe many thanks to the whole organization but especially to the trail boss and his numerous staff and officials. They simply did a great job, which also was expressed from the musher.
Schedule for the race was to end it at just after one o‘clock and it worked.


Price giving ceremony took place at 3 pm and our president closed the event with a lot of praising to the musher and their fantastic dogs, and invited all to the next EC Cart in Schonloo in the Netherlands in November 2009, which will take place over three days.


The final result list

O B1 C1 C2 D1 D2

22nd of November

During the night we had a storm and tents and some markings and ribbons disappeared. This ment a huge job in the morning to repair every thing and remove branches from the trail. Despite this the organizers did this in due time for the first start.

Saturday arrived with light overcast and cold weather. We did see the sun, but not much. Obviously the dogs and musher liked it, as we saw some very good times in some classes.
Despite some minor problems we had a good race. Unfortunately one musher in the O class lost in the woods and lost a lot of time.

We bring the list of results here and are looking forward to another successful race day for our musher.



21st of November


Today, at the delegate meeting our president Mr. Franco Mannato welcomed all and especially said thank you to Mr. MassimoBassan and his crew for a well organized pre work. Also the major of Reingers, Austria Mr.Christian Schlosser was welcomed as this region is applying for the FISTC cart EC 2010, and he wishes to present their possibilities.

The site here in Bueriis is nice and the trail looks very good and a rather good condition though covered by water just 14 days ago: The trail has been prepared for 4 weeks and we are now looking forward to good race.
Dogs papers and equipment controls went well and almost everything was OK. Some few mushers were guided to be more perfect next year.
Have a look at this site tomorrow for results of the first day as well as some beautiful picture

The starting list for the first day


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