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Characteristic of the race: Šediváčkův long is the longest sled dog race in the Czech republic and also one of the hardest races in Europe. It is a four day stage race on the shoulders of the Orlické mountains, including one bivouac. Each year mushers from Belgium, Czech, Denmark, France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Switzerland taking part in this race.
The race is rated as Czech championship in LONG-distance. Since the year 2002 Šedivačkův long is part of the extreme sled dog race series for the title of the IRON SLED DOG MAN
Planed are live coverage on TV and radio, newspaper- and magazine reports and also a filmed documentary. The race has also the internet site on address with all information and results.

We are sure that the race and the beautiful landscape brings to all participants the exceptional experience.

Information to 9. year: It is a four days stage race including one bivouac with total race distance 222 km as Czech championship LT 2005 and part of the extreme sled dog race series for the title of the IRON SLED DOG MAN. This year is new possibility for all gentlemans of fortune to take part in race for 333 km which include one more stage during first night and two longer stages during next days.

Term: 25 to 29 of January 2005

333 km
222 km
Tu 25.1.2005 do16:00
Pre-race checking
Open ceremony- fa Sport Profi s.r.o.
Start - 51 km
We 26.1.2005 10:00
Start - 90 km to bivouac
Start - 60 km to bivouac
Th 27.1.2005 08:00
Start from bivouac- 51 km
Start from bivouac -51 km
Fr 28.1.2005 10:00
Start - 90 km
Start - 60 km
Sa 29.1.2005 09:00
Start - 51 km
Start - 51 km


Pre-race checking: The day before the race, at the latest at 16.00pm, unless the organisation is informed of a major problem, all teams must be available for pre-race checking. ( The veterinary checking, doping control, FISTC race passports, all race rules are in conformity of FISTC organisation.)

Entry fee: 1000,- KC ( ca. 40,- Euro )

Opening ceremony: 25 of the January at 17:30- meeting in front pension Kristýna and together procession to village Deštné v Orlických horách.

Stakeout: pension Kristýna in Jedlové v Orlických horách

Accommodation: The organisators are booking pensions and hotels in location. Feel free to contact as!

Music: every night

Bivouac: The place of bivouac is close to village Souvlastí. On the bivouac is not allowed any help to mushers from doghandlers or any other person. This will be regarded as a major offence, leading to the disqualification of the team.

Total Racedistances: 222 km ( LONG), 333 km ( LONG version 333)

Obligate weigh: 7 kg pr dog, maximum 70 kg.

Mandatory equipment:
- 4 booties for each dog in the sled or in use
- spare food for dogs- 1 kg per each dog
- spare harnesses- 2 pieces
- spare dog-collars- 2 pieces
- spare sled lines with all carbines
- first aid kit
- saucers for dogs
- cooker + pot capable of boiling at least 1 liter of water for each dog
- dog blankets- it is not allowed for Nordic bread dogs
- sled bag capable of carrying 2 dogs ( for teams over 6 dogs), 1 dog ( for teams to 6 dogs)
- stake out
- spare food for musher- 2kg
- extra clothing, underwear and outside clothing, socks.
- tent or canvas
- proper cold weather sleeping bag and karimaten
- map, compass or GPS
- passport
- good headlamp and batteries at least for 5 hours
- cable min. 3m long
- each sled must by equipped with an appropriate brake, a brushbow, security line and two snow hooks ( for teams over 6 dogs), one snow hook ( for teams to 6 dogs)

Category: LT1, LT2, LTO, pulka, OPEN, Czech championship: pure bread- teams to 6 dogs, teams over 6 dogs, OPEN.
Skiering: special equipment and help from organizators. Only for skiers with evincible experience.

Sponsoring: In consideration of the large organisatorical and financial effort to prepare the extreme race, sponsors and all kind of help are welcome.

Contakt: Pavel Kučera, Nová 303, 38451 Volary, Czech republic, Tel: 00420 602 109 583 Andrea Müller Kucera, Blütenweg 1, D-94116 Hutthurm, Tel.+fax: 0049-(0)8505-3416
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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