F.I.S.T.C. World Championships Sprint and European Championships MD/LT

Dear Delegated

F.I.S.T.C. World Championships Sprint and European Championships MD/LT



As many of you may have noticed, until now the snow situation in Northern Italy is quite dramatic with no snow.

In front of this problem, the FISTC Board started looking for possible backup locations a few weeks ago in almost all our Member countries.

Unfortunately, several countries expressed their will to organize our FISTC Championships... either next year or in 2019, but not with such a short notice.

Some of our best friends agreed to organize our Championships in this month of February, but... their snow situation and the weather forecast are such that it is not possible to organize any more.

As a conclusion, right now the situation is :

1. If enough snow comes in Millegrobbe before Monday 6th February, the races may be confirmed at the normal dates (9-12 February) on 6th by lunch time;
2. If enough snow arrives during that week, 6 - 11 February, then the three championships will be organized on the same week-end of 17-19 February in Millegrobbe.

It is also possible that in the meantime we may find another better solution.   


We will try to inform you as soon as we know something new, so please look at your mail and at the homepage the next days


Best regards


Your Board

Our Member Countries