FISTC Championships in Italy - 2017

As that was already said during the General Assembly, there might have been the possibility to modify the dates and location of our FISTC Sprint and MD/LT Championships 2017 as the originally planned dates in January were not suitable for many countries like The Netherlands who have St Ullrich or the Czech Republic with Destne and others.

Now we succeeded in changing the location with the full support of our Italian friends. So the next FISTC Championships will take place in Italy, the location is MILLEGROBBE (TN) not far from the Austrian border.

The Championships sprint will take place from 9 to 12 February 2017 and the Championsips MD/LT on the same location the week after from 16 to 19 February 2017.

More details will come soon. However we already can give you some information that you may find on the following websites:

A new entirely dedicated site will soon be made available as well as an info center and reservation center.
More information to come soon. There are hotels and accomodations quite close to the race area. However, for mushers who will be participating in the distance championships, it may be good to infomr the organisers quite quickly as during that second week-end it will be Carnival and hotel reservations should be done quite early.
Enjoy a nice summer.
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