DAY 1 - Friday 18 november

Smlednik a small and very nice community close to Ljubljana is succeeding in organizing and almost perfect European Championship Cart with the FISTC. Yesterday, Thursday, an excellent team of 3 vets have been checking most of the 114 teams that reached the place with a cold and foggy but dry weather.
Today, they had to send back home a team whose dogs vaccinations were not up to date.
Then the race started at 9.30 am still with a cold and foggy weather with the middle distance classes.
All trails for MD and Sprint are perfectly prepared. In MD A, Gerald Schinzel (A) is leading the category after the first day. In MD B the leader is Roman Habasko (CZ). MD C1 and C2 are leaded respectively by Alexandre Rullier (F) and Harry Braeckmans (B2 - Malamutes).
In sprint Jan Pedersen (DK) is first but closely followed by Karl Rachbauer (A). In B1 the French Pascal Gerard is followed by Lajos Koffer (H). In C1 Alexander Serdjukov (A) is first closely followed by three Italian teams. The C2 class is leaded by Laurent Blot (F) and his 4 Greenland dogs. The first place in D1 belongs to Andrej Drabik (SK) and in D2 to Bernd Kirstein (D).
Many concurrents are starting in the bike and scooter classes as well as in canicross. We just want to underline the outstanding performance in canicross junior of the young French girl Maylis Gerard, first in junior A ( 13 years old ) as she would also be first in the senior woman canicross.
Here are the first today in these classes:

Bike 1 men - 2 dogs: Ludovic Brasseur (B)
Bike 1 women - 1 dog: Roman Reistetter (SK)
Bike 1 women - 1 dog: Virginie Brice ( B)
Bike 2 men - 1 dog: Jean Michel Hoog (F)
Scooter 1 / 2 dogs: Sebastian Astelbauer (A)
Scooter 1 dog: Klaus Baumel (A)
Scooter 2 / 1 dog: Manuel Haslacher (A)
Canicross 2 dogs: Diego Buranello (ITA)
Canicross 1 dog: Michal Ivanco (SK)
Canicross 1 dog: Zdenka Duškova (CZ)
Canicross junior : Maylis Gerard (F)

Result list of the first day of race


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