Newsletter 03. 09. 2011.

After the GA in Marianska, Check Republic there are several things to correct in various race rules and things to inform more broadly - so we will insert new updated race rules and in the very beginning of these inform what has been corrected to make it more easy. These corrections can also be found in the minutes from the GA.

In "Documents" we take out what was written about travelling rules and will bring a link to the latest EU rules, (

The issue "Doping" will be taken out as well and instead we refer to the WADA rules.

During the GA it was announced that WADA is in a position to check our dogs anywhere and when they want - even on private trainings. Please also notice that WADA will check not only the dogs but also the mushers, so keep clean.

A further very important thing is that the obligatory blood test for enough resistance towards rabies when going to Sweden, Norway and United Kingdom expires by 2012. There are different demands for treatment for worms that has to be taken into consideration as well so please look up for this as well as time limits for vaccinations. It is not the same in every country.

The manual for releasing dog passes has been extended by a new form ensuring that dogs in type, weight and height but not able to go to a show (maybe castrated, missing teeth or other things) can have an accept also.

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