New information about Dog Passes

In the Board of FISTC we hear a lot about uncertainty among mushers regarding the new Rules of getting Dog Passes. They understand this new Rule as a restriction of the dogs to be used at Races, but the contrary is the fact!.

This new rule creates ONE POSSILITY MORE to get a Dog Pass.

The fundamental Rule and one of the key reasons for the existence of the FISTC is, that the dogs MUST be pure-bred AND within the standard. Only then the dog can get a Dog Pass.

After the GA in Chiomonte a dog can get a Dog Pass in three ways:

1. The original old way--- just as before the latest General Assembly: -- by getting a new FISTC Dog Pass in own Country verified by the Domestic Club, and preferrably by a Judge. A Responsible Person in the Club must send Data (Pass Port Number, name of the dogs with Chipnumbers) to the President, the Secretary and Walter Treichl in due time before the Championship.

Then the dog will be controlled during the pre-racing check by a FCI judge (please remember that we decided, that such a judge should be available at the Racing Site during the GA in 1995.), and as Franco Mannato is a FCI judge, he can do this, but only in case no other judges are available.

2. The possibility to use the EU/EC Dog Passport was lately accepted too. One of the last pages may be used as above, but it is necessary to stress, that also here a photo is mandatory.

and 3. (This is the new Rule, which was decided at the latest GA): when a NEW dog (whose microchip is not yet in the FISTC database) is judged by an FCI judge prior to the race and has been rewarded with a GOOD, and this is verified and follows each of the two possibilities mentioned above, it is immediately accepted by the FISTC.

So there is no need for additional costs (as is one of the complaints) because you DO NOT HAVE to to have the dog judged at a dog show.You MAY, in order to know in advance, that the dog will be accepted for Racing in FISTC Championships.

Also remember, these rules only apply to NEW dogs, that have not run before at our Championships, because all other dogs already have a dog pass

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