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Loevain ( BEL) on June 18 & 19 2005

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june  18 & 19 2005  - Louvain - Belgium

Report of the President, Mr. Franco Mannato:

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Delegates,

I am happy to welcome you to this General Assembly of the FISTC in Louvain, Belgium.

I would like to thank our Belgian friends for their kind invitation and particularly the President of the Belgian Federation FBMF Siegfried Bomon.

This season has been another good one for the FISTC as we were able to organise both championships. But the Championships are not the only activity of the Board during the year. We will have to discuss several other issues later... Read all report

Photos provided by Michael Plank


FISTC has new members:

CSAN     Switzerland, president: Olivier Favre, 21 active mushers

FCI division of FIMSS     Italy, 262 members, 60 mushers, 34 active mushers

Poland     In a letter to the board the Polish club which wants to become a Member of FISTC has asked for some delay as there are changes going on in Poland. The Board suggests that we wait until next board meeting in November to have better informations on their application.

Slovenia     temporary membership for one year to prepare all documents

Romania     they are preparing the statutes, invitations will be sent for Romanian mushers for St. Ullich and Krahule 2006.

Adopted proposals:

1.     Advice for member countries to check the size of racing dogs and to stay in conformity with the standard.

2.     Any participation to WSA championships is strictly forbidden to any FISTC team. For the teams that would not respect this rule, the sanction would then be two years of disqualification from the FISTC championships.

3.     Change of the distances for all catogories in sprint within two years:

* D and C class 10-12km

* B, SJ and pulka 15-18km

* A, 18-20km

* O 20-25km

4.     Euro cup- For next two years.: When we have all the dates of the races of all members, the FISTC board will point out the races that will be taken in to the FISTC cup, this can be two races in one weekend if they are at sufficient distance from each other. The total of weekend in which FISTC eurocupraces are held should be 6 and the best 4 results will count. A minimum of 3 participations is required to be in the final Eurocup list. There will be no extra costs for the organization, the races should be kept under strict FISTC rules, and the results should be send to the FISTC secretary within 2 weeks of the race.

5.     Free participation of competitors of the WM/EM younger that 18 years.

It is already common but the young mushers must inform organisors about theyrs age.

6.     To split up the category skijoring men and skijoring women if we have at least 5 competitors in each category.

7.     Pulka Ladies and Men: Put them in 1 category without separate price giving when less than 5 competitors in one of the two classes.

8.     Dogpasses (.doc).New passports with colors for each country and also new numbers.

9.     Doping controle: To take blood samples is the best solution.

10.     The articles and iformations on the FISTC web site can be in own member languages.
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The race callendar 2006

11.- 12.2.2006     Italy- Chiomonte (Torino)     During the Olympic Period, trail 9 km for all categories, demonstration of sleddog sport, 70 competitors, Contingent 50% of Donovaly 2005, only invitation by the FISTC through the Member clubs and federations, entrance fee payd by FISTC, this will mainly be publicity for our sport.

21.-22.1.2006     St. Ullrich- Austria-MHSC     Eurocup-SPRINT

11.-12.2.2006     Nová Baňa- Drozdovo, Slovakia     Eurocup-SPRINT

16.-19.2.2006     St. Ullrich- Austria-MHSC     European championhip sprint

04.-05.2.2006     Zinal, Switzerland     Eurocup-SPRINT

23.-26.2.2006     Krahule - Slovakia     European championhip MD/LT

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