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SCHOONLOO (NED) on June 14 & 15 2008

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June 13 - 15, 2008 -Shoonloo, Netherlands


All FISTC delegates met in Netherlands for our 23th General Assembly 13th to 15th of June 2008.

Report from the President, Mr Franco Mannato:

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Delegates,

I am happy to welcome you here in Schoonloo for this General Assembly and I take this opportunity to thank Frans Weischer for the organisation of this event. While we are in the woods and in the middle of the nature, which would be very nice for a sport event, some participants found it quite far away from the civilisation and from an international airport.

Let's start working. This year my report will be much more positive than last year as we were extremely successful in our organisations despite another quite poor winter.

We started the season with an excellent first European Championship Kart in Sletten, Denmark. As we expected from our Danish friends, the race was well organised and the trails were very good. Indeed we had a successful organisation and all the controls were done and the results as expected. We also had a good participation from Russia, at least in terms of results with two participants who took two medals. All doping controls were negative and that also is very important. That was also an interesting organisation as it gave us the opportunity to see how this sport was handled in our various Member countries, particularly from the point of view of equipment and rules. Some rules will need improvement and that will come over the years. It was also important to control some too thin dogs and as it is now in our rules to be able to disqualify any dogs below the minimum weight that is in the standard of the breed. Overall, that was a good event even if we might had expected some more teams. ... Read all report


Admission of new members.


Bulgaria- we are waiting for documents

Iceland : documents were sent but not yet received , so a provisional temporary admission is provided

Luxemburg - we are waiting for documents, the provisional membership is renewed for one year.

The race calendar 2008/2009

21st -23rd November 2008

European Championship Cart- Italy- FIMSS Bueriis (Ud)

12th -15th of February 2009

World championhip Sprint, Werfenweng, Austria- German association SSD

20th -22nd of February 2009

European Championship MD/LT in Italy FIMSS - Piandelagotti

The Board proposes not to increase any fees this year and it was dopted.

DNA test is the future of pure breeding in the world! Subjective point of view is going out, and the DNA test will really tell which dogs are being using for breeding. FISTC accepts dogs for sport only when they are up to the standard of FCI . Arno Roos, FISTC veterinarian is going to work with this idea and prepare for next GA the final proposal of the board on the use of DNA tests.

Membercountries should in their homeland check the Costs and inform the Secretary of the FISTC accordingly.

The SSVÖ would like to inform the FISTC that the legal position in Austria refering to the minimum age of dogs participating in sleddograces has been changed. Minimum age in Austria is 18 month.

Next two championships sprint will be oganized in Austria, and then the board of FISTC proposes to change the minimum age of dogs for sprint races from 12 to 18 month for future races of the FISTC including Cart and Sprint Championships. All dogs must be 18 months old on the first day of the race.




FISTC and FCI cooperation. The President of the FISTC reported about the first meeting of the newly recreated Commission for Sledge Dogs of the FCI that was held in Paris on 19 and 20 April 2008. As President of this new commission Franco Mannato emphasizes the importance for our sport(s) and for the FISTC to cooperate more closely with the FCI.

No more wild cards will be issued for mushers from countries that are already members of FISTC

Our Member Countries