"The best thing about a man is his dog."

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TAXENBACH (AUT) on June 6 & 7 2009

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The report of the President
The report of the Vicepresident, veterinary
The report of the Treasurer
The report of the Secretary
The report of the AWS
The report of the Tech director of sprint races
The report of the Tech director of MD/LT races
The report of the Tech director of cart races
Report of the financial controllers.


All FISTC delegates met in Taxenbach (Austria) for our 24th General Assembly the 6th to 7th of June 2009.

Report from the President, Mr Franco Mannato:

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Delegates,

I am happy to welcome you here in Taxenbach for this General Assembly and I take this opportunity to thank our Austrian friends for the organisation of this event. While we are here we will learn more about this place and the excellent race they organise as I have been told by FISTC Board members who participated here this winter.
Let's start working. This year my report will be mixed as we had some positive aspects and some negative ones.
We started the season with an excellent second European Championship Kart in Bueriis, Italy. As we expected from our Italian friends from FIMSS, the race was well organised and the trails were very good and quite flat. Indeed we had a successful organisation and all the controls were done and the results as expected. We mainly missed participation from some countries. The Netherlands did not show up, is that a lack of interest? All doping controls were negative and that also is very important. Equipment and rulesare still under review and final decisions will only be taken in 2012. Some rules need improvement and that is coming...... Read all report

From the 1th july 2009 the musher FISTC are allowed to partecipate to the next WSA Championship.
The sanction for the partecipation in past years will remain.

Is introduced a Ski-joring class with 2 dogs, both sprint and MD. Like in all other classes the dog should be attached to eachother with a neck line, or when running in one line, the second (wheel) dog should be attached to the central line by a tawline and a neckline.

The dog pass may disappear, the last pages of the dog passport can be used, mushers should be reminded that it is obligatory to have a photo of the dog in a passport. The stamp of the club should be partly on the picture

The GA approve the distances for the sprint race proposed from the Board:
D and C: 8 - 12Km
B and SJ: 13 - 15 Km
A: 15 - 20 Km
O: 20 - 25 Km

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